Best Night Sleep in Years

12 March, 05:54, by Queenie

When you spend time trying to take better care of your body, there often can be consequences that you are not aware of when you first start your journey. Running is how I maintain my weight and how I help to keep my muscles strong. When I run first thing in the morning, my metabolism kicks into gear early and helps me to burn my food into energy more easily. Running does take its toll on my feel and legs though.

Unable to get a good nights sleep because of the pain in my legs, a friend recommended I try Manchester acupuncture. I was unsure at first if this was for me, but I followed through and got my first treatment. That evening I slept soundly and without pain for the first time in a long time. I woke up feeling refreshed and looking forward to getting back to running again that day.

Enough of the Cold

16 January, 09:43, by Queenie

That was it. I was finished with all the cold weather. Temperatures reached the negative mark and the news anchor warned that standing in the cold for more than five minutes could cause hypothermia. I was not going to deal with the cold weather another day. The first break I could make, I was ready to make a change, even if just for a week. Equipped with a mug of hot coffee and literature on warmer climates, I was ready to make plans. The most appealing piece of reading material I had was on hotels in Dubai. It was settled. I was going to make reservations for a vacation in Dubai. I never expected that the cold weather could force me plan a spontaneous trip to a foreign country, but enough is enough. It was time to do something about my frustration with the deep freeze that sat outside my window.